The Heart of Amateur Coffee

We are a Specialty Coffee Roasting Company + Vegan Coffee Parlor residing in the Joslyn Castle Neighborhood in Omaha, NE. Our desire is to exhibit delightful specialty coffees in a relatable manner while honoring our health, our planet, and animals’ rights through a vegan approach.

Specialty Coffee starts at the farm. The ripe specialty coffee cherries are a beautiful red.


Delicious roasted coffee starts with quality green specialty-grade coffee. We source from importers and producers who pay attention to the details, like picking only the ripest cherries and storing and transporting the coffee seeds properly to maintain their integrity. We value transparency, and share the stories of where our coffees come from.

Specialty coffee is roasted specifically to showcase that coffee's unique traits.


Specialty Coffee is considered to be more complex than wine. Every coffee has its own trademark “personality”. We roast our coffees in small batches with the intention of showcasing their individual characteristics. For example, we’ve personally had coffees that naturally taste like candied flowers or butterscotch tobacco!

Specialty Coffee is about connecting people around the world.


Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, after oil. Every cup has had a lot of work put into it by a large group of people, including Farmers, Processors, Importers, Roasters, and Baristas. It is an important part of the global economy, and ties many people together, including friends who meet over coffee.

Specialty coffee is roasted specifically to showcase that coffee's unique traits.


We believe the future is vegan, including the future of coffee. Acknowledging the torture that takes place to produce meat and dairy products and their negative effects on human health and the planet, we choose to use our platform as small business owners to encourage the consumption of vegan alternatives.


Coffee Subscriptions

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly options available!


Shop Our Seasonal Coffees

We call this specialty coffee Affogato.

Sweet Tart | Nicaragua

Soda Shoppe | Sumatra


This specialty coffee is our House Blend. It is a carefully measured combination of our seasonal coffee offerings. We intentionally select coffees that balance and compliment each other in our own attempt at the “perfect cup”. This is a drawing of our house. We live here with our cats and often drink coffee in the same room as them. You too can drink coffee in your own house. Cats are optional.

House Blend

High Tide | Ethiopia


Astroberry | Costa Rica

As Seen in Daily Coffee News

"A married couple with complementary skill sets in craft coffee and independent marketing has launched Amateur Coffee in Omaha, Neb., a roastery combining a range of single origins and blends with fresh, creative branding that centers around names that appeal to the senses and original, hand-drawn art."

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"At Amateur Coffee Parlor, the first retail outlet opened by Omaha-based roaster Amateur Coffee earlier this year, the company roasts on site and offers an exclusively vegan menu of pastries, waffles and “alternative” milks for coffee drinks. The reception, according to owners Jasmyn and Jacob Wichert, has been consistently enthusiastic."

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Amateur (n.) – The enthusiast who pursues their work in the spirit of love. In French, the word means “lover of”.