Baela Rose is Now Open in Dundee + They’re Serving Our Coffee

Baela Rose

If you’ve walked through Dundee lately, you may have noticed a new restaurant has opened up in the pretty brick building on the south side of 49th + Underwood.

Chef Kyle Anderson and his wife, Rose Anderson, have opened a restaurant, Baela Rose, at 4919 Underwood Ave. Their focus is on upscale, contemporary cuisine with local ingredients and global influence. With an emphasis on wine, they also serves craft beer and cocktails. The restaurant name is sentimental, inspired by their daughter, Baela Rose.

Kyle Anderson got his culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University in Denver. He’s worked as the executive chef at V. Mertz in Omaha, worked at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, worked at Daniel in New York, and owned and cooked at Slow in Berkeley, California. His wife managed Slow, and locally, she managed McKenna’s.

The above information serves as a grand nod to the knowledge and experience of the owners and a preface for the experience we were about to have.

Our experience began with a few drinks: Raspberry Hefeweizen for him, and a sour beer for her. Pictured is the sour beer, which I almost forgot to photograph because I love sour beers so much and have a hard time finding them so I almost drank all of it.

From where we sat, we were able to get a peek of the kitchen, where all of the food is prepared and plated. While visually accurate, this photo doesn’t do the experience justice. I felt like I was watching wizards wave their wands around to create magic in the form of cured meats and strategically placed droplets of liquid gold.

The clouds opened up and the angels sang as our small plates arrived at our table. We had ordered the Brussel Sprouts + Prosciutto alongside the Cheese Plate. Do you see how they arranged the meats to look like flowers? In fact, that entire plate looks like a painting of leaves flying through the wind, with twinkles of lemon aioli and pickled beets. Absolutely gorgeous! Every bite was followed by an uncontrollable smile, as these dynamic textures and flavors complimented each other with intention. The prosciutto melted in our mouths and was so aromatic!

The cheese plate had perfectly toasted baguette slices that still had a bit of moisture at their center. It was presented with three different cheese: a sharp, a soft, and a medium. We don’t remember what exactly the cheeses were, but our favorite was the softest cheese, which danced on our tongues with the little juicy apricot bits.

Happy Jacob is happy.

We are so honored that our coffee is being served here alongside this spectacular fare (they even use our coffee to make in-house coffee ice cream to serve with Beignets!). This is sure to be an Omaha foodie staple. Next time you’re in need of a date night, consider spending your evening at Baela Rose!

P.S. – They have their perfect logo painted in each parking space to direct parking, which I thought was a nice touch and promptly photographed.

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