Introducing Amateur Coffee

About Us + Our Work

We are a husband + wife operated specialty coffee roasting company located in Omaha, Nebraska. We are, quite literally, “Lovers of Coffee”. We strive to curate unforgettable coffee experiences. Our goal is to exhibit specialty coffee in a relatable manner and introduce people to the romance and complexity of the world’s most treasured beverage. We believe that every single detail of the coffee preparation cycle matters, from how it’s cultivated, to how it’s picked and processed, to how it’s stored and shipped. This is where we come in. We roast our coffees with love and intention to showcase their individual characteristics. Because every coffee is so unique, we believe there is a coffee for everyone.


We believe specialty coffee should be more widely available to people who brew their own coffee at home. We offer the convenience of having specialty coffees shipped to you on your schedule through our Coffee Subscription program. We offer a variety of rotating, seasonal specialty grade coffees.


We delight in the collaboration with like-minded people and businesses who go above and beyond to create excellent experiences for their clientele. Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Sourcing Specialty Coffees specifically for your tastes
• Creating Custom Amateur Coffee Packaging Artwork that reflects your brand
• Working with you to design a Coffee Plan that works for you and fits your business

About the Owners

Jacob Wichert


With an unmatched love for coffee and innovation, Jacob places value on the balance of science, art, and philosophy as it relates to coffee. He dedicates his life to learning all he can about this magical plant we call coffee, while pursuing sustainability and quality in the specialty coffee industry.

Jasmyn Wichert

Creative Strategist

With a history of photography, illustration, and graphic design, Jasmyn maintains our brand identity, marketing strategy, and social media presence. She creates the artwork for our packaging and shares our story through photos and storytelling. She also has an award-winning palette.

Comments 3

  1. I just saw your spot on WOWT. Congratulations! I love the concept. What is your personal favorite and /or best seller?

    I would like to buy a bag and try it out.

    Marty Hermann
    Fellow Coffee Affecionado

  2. Read about your business in Monday’s World Herald, and it looks like you all have a very nice niche business going. Congratulations! Roasting coffee can be tricky, at times, so I doff my chapeau to you for taking the time to learn how to do it right! A tinsmith friend of made, as his first project years ago, a small coffee roaster for use over a fire. It looks like a Hi-C can on a four foot metal dowel with a wooden handle. It only hold a pound, or so, and the outside is rather rusty, but the inside is shiny and black from all the oil. Nothing like the smell of freshly roasted coffee done over a campfire! Yuummm! I am trying to decide which variety to subscribe to first.

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