Habdash Bash June 2016 | Local Artists + Artisans to Look Out For

Habdash Bash is a night full of creativity, live music and celebrating our local small businesses in the form of a market/art show. On June 17th, we spent the evening serving coffee, surrounded by a ton of local artists, musicians, and artisans at the second-ever Habdash Bash.

The venue, the Starlight Chateau, couldn’t have been more perfect, considering all of the natural light and gorgeous architecture. We also could not have been surrounded by better people. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with some of Omaha and the surrounding area’s talented makers and musicians.


Haberdashery is a collaborative clothing company specializing in screen printed graphics and poster prints, launched in 2014 by Louise Jones and Ashli Fierro. As the name suggests, they are responsible for launching the Habdash Bash!

Julia Mason

Artist & Elementary Art Teacher | Watercolorist

“I am an elementary school art teacher in ops who loves the medium of watercolors. I do many custom orders which are everything from landscapes to dog portraits. In fact painting dog portraits have kept me so busy and the response to that has been pretty overwhelming! Recently I’ve been trying to paint more abstract work and I have been focusing on drawing neighborhoods of Omaha to sell in local shops as prints.

What inspires me is people’s reaction to [my work] especially when I paint pets that have passed away. I once had a friend tell me that the man who received the painting of his cat that had just passed said “tell Julia if she has never made a grown man cry she has now”. People absolutely adore their pets so when I make someone cry or smile it’s really touching to know. Also another inspiration for me is Instagram. I love seeing artists who’s work I’ve collected post and see what they are creating. Two of my favorites are Libby Walker (@_libby_walker_) and Priscilla Aguirre (@holalolacostarica). I love both of their styles!”

Julia is currently displaying at Hot Shops on the second floor outside of Jenna Johnson’s studio. Her prints are available on her website shop at juliamasonart.com or can be found at Scout, Paperdoll, or Among Other Things.

Indi Walter

Quicksilver Visions | Sculpture + Carving

“I specialize in bone carving and jewelry making. I do sculpture as well, I have a soft spot for making miniature props. Most of my work is carved skulls, which I often find and process, myself.

I love animals in all stages of existence; all things furry, scaly, and feathered. My focus on bones and skulls is not a result of uncaring for animals. Bones and death are not indicative of a wretched life, and I find that I love the creatures I have in death as well as in life.

I love animals and anatomy. I was raised on dinosaurs, fossils, and medical magazines as a child and I’ve never lost that fascination with the body systems. Each skull and each bone has a specific function, and the morphological differences between species and even animals in different regions always amazes me. I love using different shapes of skull for different types of work. Artistically,I’ve been inspired lately by Balinese skull carvings, some of the most intricate carvings on the planet.

My acceptance of bones and death has helped me cope with many personal problems and I guess this is my way of being at ease and better synced to the patterns of life. I used to be a pre-med major with a focus in veterinary surgery, and I carried that anatomical knowledge and focus with me. I want to do what makes me happy in life, and this has so far been what makes me happy. If I can make a life from it, it’ll be all the better.”

Upcoming Events:

Kid’s Expo | Saturday, July 23rd | 8am-12pm
Our Lady of Carter lake Catholic Church
3501 N 9th St, Carter Lake, IA 51510

Kaylee Gray

Gray Lincoln Art | Local Creator

“I make custom artwork ranging from work on canvas to murals, accent walls and furniture. I use recycled materials the best to my ability. Every piece is an original that will never be duplicated. [I am inspired by] Abraham Lincoln. My business is named after him as well as signing every piece with a lucky penny.

I do what I do because it simply makes me a happier and better person. I have never worked so hard everyday for something in my life. I feel like when you know what you are supposed to be doing in life it’s selfish not to share it with the world.

My objective is to make custom, yet never duplicated artwork. For each person to look at art and have it be whatever they want it to be and help the world use their imagination. I would like readers to know how HARD artists work each day to advance themselves. But, I would also like to thank anyone who appreciates and supports the art’s because it truly is a life changing journey.”

Upcoming Events:

Benson First Friday | Star Deli in Benson | 6pm
6114 Military Ave, Omaha, NE 68104

Kaylee is the featured artist at Star Deli in Benson for month of July. Meet her on opening night or check out her work throughout the remainder of the month!

Nicole Roberts + Jaime Craig

Tattoo Artists at Rawhide Tattoo

A photo posted by Nicole Roberts (@nykohleart) on

Tattoos by Nicole and Jaime.

Nicole Roberts

“I am inspired by human experience, other artists, classical art, tattoos, literature, video games- basically I can find inspiration in the whole world around me.

I started oil painting as a form of cheap therapy. Ha. As far as tattooing, I have always appreciated the art form, despite its societal taboos. I really want to give people unique and original tattoos that are more focused on tattooing as an art form.

I am incredibly passionate about my art. My artist statement would probably be to convey my own and others experiences through art. I like using imaginative imagery and a bright color palette to create a dynamic environment in oil painting and tattoos. I really like my art to feel a certain way, whatever that may be, and I’m constantly trying to improve.”

Upcoming Events:

Nicole will be in several shows in July, including Frogman’s Gallery Crawl at the Bancroft Market.

Hailey Gearo


“I create abstract expressionist pieces that are bright in movement and colour. These pieces are meant for the viewer to explore. [My pieces are as] diverse as the people who are interacting with them. This allows every piece to have endless and varying meaning.

Everything inspires me; music, the sky, books, other artists, and even strangers. I love creating and would have it no other way. My objective is to make people question what art is and can be. For people to really take the time to look at the details, and get lost in a vision of colour.”

Maggie Heusinkvelt

Freelance Artist | Magnolia Blossoms

Mainly inspired by nature, Magnolia Blossoms specializes in watercolor, acrylic, and freehand drawings. She loves to do freelance work.

Upcoming Events:

Maggie is currently working on a mural in Benson, Omaha for the Benson Tiny Mural Project (Supported by Benson First Friday and Ted and Wallys & Localmotive Benson). Keep an eye out for these geometric shapes popping up in the South alley of the Maple strip, and take a photo with the hashtag ‪#‎bfftinymuralproject‬.

Andy Zamani

Lead Singer of Your Last Chance

Andy is the lead singer in local Post-Hardcore band, Your Last Chance. He came out and performed solo at the Habdash Bash, playing covers of favored teenage love songs, like “Remembering Sunday” by All Time Low and “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift.

Upcoming Events:

White Chapel at Sokol Underground
Thursday, August 18 @ 6 PM
2234 S 13th St, Omaha, Nebraska 68108

Sarah Jo Rose Pritschow

Boho Chic Dreams | Dreamcatchers + Jewelry

Her name is Sarah, but she also goes by Jo. She is a lady of many talents, as a Photographer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Jeweler, and Dreamcatcher Crafter. At this particular event, Sarah showcased her plethora of unique dreamcatcher creations, each with their own personal style. She also set up a “Make Your Own Necklace” shop, where she worked with guests to create a fun piece of jewelry to take home!

Ariel Barber


Ariel’s booth was set up with a beautiful green lamp without a lampshade, which lit her up as she publicly worked on a painting at the event. She was surrounded by other canvases filled with her works, and it is obvious she loves to create. It was such a joy to meet her!

We had so much fun serving coffee alongside these talented people! We love our Homaha and all of the great things happening here. In closing, here’s a fun action shot of us from that night, captured by Alex Durrant. We can’t wait to do it again at the next Habdash Bash this upcoming holiday season! Until next time, cheers!

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