We Adore the Minne Lusa House + Roast their ‘House Blend’

Welcome to the Minne Lusa House(!), a tan stucco house at 2737 Mary St. that serves as a community space for the surrounding Minne Lusa Neighborhood. What is now a weekly meet-up space was once an empty house. With one goal of bringing their neighbors together, the owners, Beth Richards + Sharon Olson, purchased the home for $20,000 a few years ago and refinished the inside. They removed walls to turn a living room, dining room and kitchen into one large open space.

With friends, they used light paint colors inside to get rid of the navy blue that came with the house. They replaced all the kitchen appliances and cabinets. They refinished wood trim and floors. There is a community bulletin board to your right just as you walk in, as well as a table filled with flyers of local upcoming events and thoughtful dog biscuits created by “Love yo’ Pup”.

They converted two bedrooms on the main floor to an office area and a large pantry for food. They have plans for the upstairs: a little museum for their collection of all things Minne Lusa. Pictured below is their glorious stock of hand-canned goods, including but not limited to: fig jam, coleslaw, pepper jellies + fruit jams, and all things pickled.

All of their hard work paid off, as people from the Minne Lusa Neighborhood and other surrounding neighborhoods, like Gifford Park + Walnut Hill, gather for coffee and breakfast to catch up and spend time together every Saturday morning.

Because they source everything locally and serve coffee every Saturday, they were seeking to have their own “House Blend” they could sell alongside their canned goods and produce at Farmer Markets. They reached out to us and we were stoked to work with them. Together, we spent an evening cupping coffees and collectively got excited about a coffee from Camonashari, Peru that has strong notes of Chocolate + Raspberry! From what we hear, it’s been a hit and has coffee drinkers of all walks of life enjoying it for the delightful treat it is, with or without cream + sugar.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the Minne Lusa House goods, like their canned items or House Blend, or you simply want to hang out, you can visit them every Saturday at 2737 Mary St. from 9am – 12pm or at the Gifford Park Neighborhood Market at 33rd + California every Friday from 5pm – 8pm through Sept. 23rd, 2016.

You can learn more about how they got started in these articles by the Omaha World Herald and Omaha Magazine.

On a final note, I also wanted to give you a peak at their beautiful backyard garden. Follow me down the back steps and through the vibrant orange door for some lovely photos of their garden oasis.

I was immediately drawn to this door. Who wouldn’t be?

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