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Saddle Creek Breakfast Club Omaha Neon Sign

We are so pleased to share that we get to work with an exciting new restaurant in midtown. Saddle Creek Breakfast Club (SCBC) is officially open as of this morning! This restaurant focuses on traditional breakfast and lunch dishes with a modern approach, utilizing seasonal local product. One of their local products is a seasonal coffee we sources specifically for them! Much to our delight, they also have an incredible VEGAN breakfast menu!*

*On that note: I no longer feel the need to move to Portland, Oregon because there is now a beautiful artisanal diner with vegan options that is within walking distance of my house and my life is complete. Seriously, I can walk out my front door, turn left, walk 6 blocks straight, and will have arrived at this establishment. I foresee many strolls in my future.

I loved everything about my breakfast experience here. Upon walking in, the first thing you’ll notice is their hot pink neon sign. Their check-in / waiting area is warm and cozy and features a painting by Kim Darling. The entire staff is so attentive and welcoming. The entire atmosphere is vividly intentional.

We ordered a couple cups of coffee (of course) then excitedly checked out the vegan menu. I ordered the Vegan Waffle, which is delightfully topped with coconut whipped cream, toasted shredded coconut, + candied macadamia nuts. Jake went for the Vegan Patties and Hash, which was a delicious combination of sweet potato, kale, and tempeh sausage patties. Every bite was heavenly and I almost felt guilty eating such a perfect vegan foodie creation.

The dining room has a great vibe, with beautifully eccentric walls and blue chairs. There is also bar seating available next to the kitchen and looking out the front window (not pictured). The front window opens out, so I can’t wait for it to be springy outside so they can open it!

This is the “Warhol Wall” in the women’s restroom. This is the RESTROOM.

We also split a second breakfast of Vegan Squash Toast, which is a sourdough “peasant bread” topped with Winter Squash, Pistachio, Preserves, Maple, and Arugula Salad. It was a perfect combination of sweet and savory. Jake marked it as his favorite dish!

From a couple of vegan foodies, thank you for creating such a positive experience in a beautiful space with absolutely stunning food! We’re excited and honored to be a complimentary part of what you do.

1540 N Saddle Creek
Omaha, Nebraska

Tuesday – Sunday | 7:00a – 2:00p
Closed on Mondays

Just north of the building, there is on-street parking available on Seward Street.

Update: I almost forgot to include this photo of Brad, whom we just met today as we were taking this photo. Thank you for posing for my panorama! He specializes in screen printing and embroidery at Courtyard Ink.

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  1. Just a fun bit of history the older couple in the picture at the round table. Used to own the space many years ago when it was a gas station. 🙂

  2. Post

    What a fun fact! Thank you for sharing. It warms my heart that we were dining alongside them on opening day!

    – Jasmyn, Co-Owner of Amateur Coffee

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