We were featured on WOWT 6 News!

It’s not every day you get a call from a news reporter who wants to do an in-depth feature on you and your business! We were fortunate enough to spend time with Don Granese of WOWT 6 News and his crew on two separate occasions (once at Jazz on the Green and once more in our little blue house). We discussed roasting, brewing, owning a small business, and growing together through coffee.

Before this even aired, I was highly anticipating the classic news introduction reserved for happy feature stories. John Knicely made all of my dreams come true with his intro, which featured his famous news anchor tone.

Then, all of a sudden there we were! There we were on live television and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. (We were actually both shrieking because seeing yourself on the news is actually kind of embarrassing because you see yourself in third person.)

There were some nice shots of Jake brewing with one of our fave brewing methods, the Kalita Wave. Just look at him go! Much bloom. Such stir.

There were abundant shots of our packaging, which is a plus!

And it finished on a lovely note: “It’s clear to see this couple has put a personal touch on everything they do.” This featured a zoom-in on actual house, and a zoom-out on our House Blend, which features a drawing of the same very house. So cute.

Then John Knicely said he wanted to get some Amateur Coffee in the break room at WOWT. The end.

Here is the article that was published by WOWT:

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — Many of us enjoy a good coffee, but you’ve never had what an Omaha couple has been roasting up. They’re inventing new ways to add some flavor to your cup.

Jasmyn and Jacob Wicherts are making a new name in the percolating business.

“It’s kind of like my dream job coming true,” said Jasmyn.

Baristas that brew together, grew together. The Wicherts were already engaged when they both worked in Omaha coffee shops. Now, the married couple has a coffee business all their own called Amateur Coffee.

“Amateur actually translates to lover of in Latin and French,” said Jasmyn.

“We love what coffee does when it brings people together,” said Jacob.

Jasmyn brings the creative branding to the table. Jacob brings the science. They say that quality starts with the beans; by jarring them for months with spices they’ve invented what they call “perfuming” the coffee, giving the final product extra flavor. They play with the way they roast to create different flavor combinations.

Then they drink and think.

“We’ll actually describe it emotionally where it’s like, ‘this one makes us feel like this,’” said Jasmyn.

Then she’ll draw. Inspired by the way the coffee tastes. That’s also where the blend names come from.

“We actually named it the potpourri because it’s so floral,” said Jasmyn.”We have currently three coffees and they’re all from Nicaragua.”

They print the names of the cultivators right on their bags, giving credit to farmers and producers.

“If we can create a better relationship with them we can have a lot better product,” said Jacob. “It’s a tropical fruit and really shouldn’t be as available as it is but we treat it like it’s flour or rice.”

In a world of corporate coffee shops on every corner, Amateur Coffee is bringing the quality of the tropical treat into the future.

“I just want to excite people about it,” said Jasmyn.

When you drink a cup or buy a bag, it’s clear to see that this couple has put a personal touch on everything they do. Amateur Coffee doesn’t have their own shop just yet, but they are already laying out the plans.

They’re also inventing a new way to brew their beans; carefully measured out but in big batches for plenty of customers. For now, you can get a taste at Jazz on the Green and buy the beans online.

You can find the original article on WOWT.

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